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Paris-based University hospitals, HEGP (Georges Pompidou European Hospital), Cochin/Hôtel-Dieu and the adult hematology team of Necker hospital form the clinical part of the CARPEM. These hospitals are linked to Paris Descartes University. This project integrates health care, clinical translational as well as basic research through a common objective, which is to develop Personalized Medicine for cancer patient.

Our integrative research program called CARPEM (for CAncer Research and PErsonalized Medicine) get together more than 250 researchers and 100 hospital-based, cancer-dedicated physicians. Joining forces on the cancer research front makes the Paris Descartes cancer research strategy more visible and efficient and a model for academic excellence in integrative cancer research.

CARPEM brings together 22 research teams and 10 clinical teams (c.a. 350 full time scientists and clinicians). The research teams have close relationships with clinical staff integrated in CARPEM. Together they have developed an expertise on cancer treatment of different tumor locations mainly digestive, lung, head and neck, renal, endocrine cancers and hematological malignancies.

Illustration12rond CARPEM program is based on a better understanding of the mechanisms of carcinogenesis and the relation between tumor and host microenvironment in order to translate this knowledge into the improvement of cancer patient management. Our program integrates the knowledge coming from the analysis of tumor genomics, interaction between the tumor and its microenvironment and genetic variations of the host to develop new prognostic and theranostic biomarkers as well as innovative therapeutics.




The 10 clinical teams are spread over these localisations:

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10 clinical cancer teams:

  1. The Oncology Team (François Goldwasser, Stéphane Oudard)
  2. The Digestive Cancer Team (Julien Taïeb, Romain Coriat)
  3. The Thoracic Cancer Team (Marco Alifano, Françoise Le Pimbec-Barthes)
  4. The Head & Neck Cancer Team (Daniel Brasnu)
  5. The Endocrine Cancer Team (Jérôme Bertherat, Anne-Paule Gimenez Roqueplo)
  6. The Urological Cancer  Team (Arnaud Mejean, Stéphane Oudard)
  7. The Ovarian Cancer Team (Fabrice Lécuru, Jérôme Alexandre)
  8. The Skin Cancer Team (Marie-Françoise Avril)
  9. The Haematology Team (D. Bouscary, Olivier Hermine)
  10. The Radiotherapy Team (Martin Housset, Catherine Durdux)