1. Personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, therapeutic optimization (Pierre Laurent-Puig)illustrationA rond
  2. Functional genomics of solid tumors (Jessica Zucman-Rossi)
  3. Genetic of pheocromocytomas and paragangliomas (Anne-Paule Gimenez Roqueplo)
  4. Immunotherapy and antiangiogenic therapy in oncology (Eric Tartour)
  5. Imaging of microcirculation (Olivier Clément)
  6. Integrative Cancer immunology (Jérôme Galon)
  7. Apoptosis Cancer and Immunity (Guido Kroemer)
  8. Immune microenvironnement and tumors (Catherine Sautés-Fridman)
  9. Endocrine tumors, Genomics and signaling (Jérôme Bertherat)
  10. Oxydative stress, inflammation and cellular proliferation (Frédérique Batteux)
  11. From stem cells to platelets Regulators and Pathologies (Elisabeth Cramer-Bordé, Isabelle Dusanter-Fourt)
  12. Signaling pathways and apoptosis in normal and pathological hematopoiesis (Patrick Mayeux et Didier Bouscary)
  13. Oncognesis of digestive epithelium (Christine Perret)
  14. Dynamics of T cell interactions (Emmanuel Donnadieu, Clotilde Randriamampita)
  15. Regulation of the immune response in melanoma (Armelle Blondel)
  16. Vascular niche and tumoral microenvironment (Julie Gavard)
  17. Normal and Pathological Lymphoid Differentiation (Elizabeth Macintyre)
  18. Vulnerability of psychiatric and addictive disorders (Cédric Lemogne)
  19. Ethics / Forensic medicine (Christian Hervé)
  20. Environmental epidemiology in cancer (Isabelle Stücker)
  21. “Population-based cohorts” Research Platform (Marie Zins)
  22. Translationnal bioinformatics, medical bioinformatics and biomedical data integration (Anita Burgun)