The integrative research effort, from bench to bedside, has been developed for many years by different members of the CARPEM program. They have demonstrated their capacity to achieve translational research successes, which have already modified the management of cancer patients in the recent years. They developed both academic and industrial partnerships at the national and international levels. Most of the physicians participating in the project are members of research units.

The CARPEM program hangs together around crossdisciplinary research objectives leading to the development of personalized medicine:illustration2 rond

These objectives will be reached through 3 research programs coordinated by Pr Jessica Zucman-Rossi, Pr Eric Tartour and Pr Christian Hervé.

CARPEM project brings together task forces from both hospitals (Cochin/Hôtel-Dieu, HEGP) of Paris Descartes University Faculty of Medicine. The budget is dedicated to promoting emerging integrated programs, upgrade dedicated technological platforms, reinforce networks between research teams, support the clinical annotation of biological samples and the analysis of high throughput data generated in the program.