De la cellule au traitement

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Program coordinated by Pr E. Tartour


The main aim of this project is to establish a bridge between the comprehensive analysis of the tumor microenvironment in three human tumours (colon, head and neck and lung carcinoma) and the identification of relevant biomarkers predicting the clinical outcome of patients and/or the response to various cancer therapies. In addition, development of innovative therapeutics for cancer patients will benefit of a better knowledge of the tumor microenvironment and of the availability of original preclinical models and of novel immunomodulators shared by the partners. An extension of these projects involves application of similar approaches to the analysis of tumoral and peritumoral lymphoid cells in lymphnodes from immuno-competent and immunodeficient individuals.




Program concept

Tumor microenvironment

Identification of novel type of biomarkers

Development of innovative biotherapies