Comité d’évaluation des pratiques en recherche translationnelle

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The purpose of this committee is to support multidisciplinary reflection of research actors in favor of an ethic of responsibility and quality. It participates in the governance of CARPEM program in the person of its president. This committe will be an institution for reflection and expertise, combining researchers, individuals qualified in the field of research and patient representatives. It will participate in the formalization of a quality approach, anchored on the shared assessment of practices and philosophy of translational research. To do this, debates conducted in the Committee of patients will be analyzed by highlighting issues of ethics and governance, putting emphasis of anticipatory resolution of any incidents, accidents or complaints. The committee will prepare an annual report.

It will report (i) complaints and results of satisfaction surveys in coordination with the committee of patients (ii) questions of researchers on law and ethics from research practices. The annual report will highlight the emergence of new questions on relations between researchers / patients and civil society. It will mention the vitality of democracy dedicated to medical oncology research into its three components, direct, participatory and representative.

This committee will provide expertise:

  • the concept of informed consent redefined for purposes of translational research,
  • the assessment of health literacy and numeracy by patients,
  • the respect of health information system laws.

This committee could possibly be an institution of assistance and support to decision making for research professionals in difficult situations. It will act as at interface between research stakeholders and disseminate, for them, teaching guides. It will make proposals for teaching or publication by promoting the smooth functioning of translational research in oncology in the framework of CARPEM program.

This committee will be composed of personalities who mix different fields of expertise. It will meet once a quarter. This committee is composed by Christian Hervé responsible for laboratory of Ethics / Forensic medicine, Eric Martinent and Claudine Esper jurists, 3 researchers participating to the CARPEM program, two representative of patients that participate in medical research Claude Rambeau (Collectif Inter Associatif Sur la Santé – CISS) and one representant of medical student Mathieu Piccoli